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If your current solar system’s inverter capacity is greater than the capacity of your solar panels, you may be able to add more panels. With good quality European inverters you can oversize the array by up to 33%, maximising the output of the inverter for longer during the day. For example, if you have a 3kW inverter with 2kW of panels, you may be able to add another 2kW of panels.

Your feed-in-tariff agreement is determined by the inverter capacity your home has been originally approved for. Therefore, if you are on the $0.20 or $0.40 feed-in-tariffs and already enjoy substantial credits, it may be possible to further significantly increase your credits by utilising any spare capacity in the inverter (so long as it is still on the CEC approved inverter list). In most cases, even if your inverter is no longer approved, there will be options to keep your feed-in-tariff and increase your generation capacity, including adding panels.

Before deciding whether or not to expand your system, it’s important you fully understand the costs associated with upgrading, and in particular how long it will take based on these additional savings to offset the cost of upgrading.


Why TGS Helps You Better

TAS Green Solar will provide you with a full financial analysis to help you understand the pros and cons of expanding your system, and provide you with the best possible technical and financial solution to suit your energy needs.